Programs - Qt Toolkit


David A.S.Crofts

23 Brisbane Street
Berwick Victoria 3806

14th December 2007

Download:   DAVID CROFTS QT FOR (69K)

 The above ZIP file contains EXE files for my Qt Toolkit programs.

 If you do not have "
Trolltech Qt Toolkit" version 2.3.0 for Windows you will need to
 download "
" (2.6 MB) to the folder that contains the EXE files.


CHECKERS.EXE   Qt Version of my Checkers (Draughts)
TICTAC.EXE   Qt Version of my Tic Tac Toe (Noughts & Crosses)
CUBE.EXE   Qt & OpenGL, NxNxN Rubik's Cube
 DCLOCK.EXE   Qt Digital Clock